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Tavern keeper Lance Rein has little to care for in his life. The few patrons who pass through his tavern are often travelers looking for a cold beer and warm bed, but they move on quickly after that. The pretty noblewoman who visits from time to time, owner of the land Lance works, barely notices him, despite his efforts. But what is a peasant to do?

One night, a traveler, poor and weary, arrives with nary a coin in his pocket. Lance, ever a man of hospitality, allows him to stay. The weary traveler sleeps in one of the tavern rooms and dies overnight, leaving behind nothing except a book of spells. This spellbook, which talks, explains to Lance that this wizard had no next of kin and sought instead to grant his immense power to whoever took him in first. The spellbook now belongs to Lance, changing everything in an instant.

Within the pages of the book are sigils—carefully scribed arcane markings that transfer power. By learning to replicate a sigil in the air, Lance is able to cast spells. Magic is relatively secretive in this world; there are no wizard schools, nor books to explain how it works. All wizards are sworn to secrecy. By gaining the power of the Sigilist, Lance’s opportunities become endless.

Will Lance be able to use these spells wisely, helping the world he lives in? Can he use his power to win the heart of the fair noblewoman who has not once paid him any mind? Or will the strange powers that exist in the world lure him to serve the causes of a Sorcerer King who is slowly building his dominion to reign over the land?



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